Cash for scrap metal recycling services in Fairmont, WV

What We Buy at Elkins Metal Recycling in Elkins, WV

Specifications for different grades of scrap metals

Prepared #1 HMS – Metals smaller than 2′ x 3′ in size and 1/8″ thick.  NO non-ferrous attachments, such as lead, aluminum, brass or copper, excess grease, oil gas or other contaminants. (Steel Rims must be free of wheel weights, stems and sensors)

NO sealed containers, such as car shocks, torque converters, belt rollers and tanks.  Any sealed container which has two holes burned into the item, at least the size of a fifty cent coin are acceptable.  NO excess grease, oil, gas or other contaminants.

Prepared Plate & Structural (P&S) – I-beam, channel, angle, plate, pipe, minimum 1/4″ thickness, no larger than 2′ x 4′. Pipe cannot be larger than 8″ diameter.  NO non-ferrous attachments, excess grease, oil, gas or other contaminants. 

NOTE:  To receive the higher prepared price for Prepared #1 or Prepared P&S the ENTIRE load must be that grade.  Any Unprepared or Shredder scrap in the load will cause the entire load to be paid at a lower rate.
We do not split weigh prepared grades. All material in a prepared load must be fully prepared. Unprepared loads will be paid at the rate of the lowest grade in the load.

SHREDDER – This is commonly referred to as “tin”.  This includes any appliances, car body parts, light-gauge sheet metal, or any other metal which has a large concentration of non-metallic items or non-ferrous parts.  We DO NOT accept drums that contain liquid.  Large drums and automobile gas tanks can ONLY be accepted if they have been crushed, have been cut in half, or have a basketball-sized hole cut out of them.  Fire extinguishers, Propane & Oxygen tanks can NOT be accepted UNLESS their valve has been screwed out and NOT broken off.  We DO accept light fixture housings that do NOT contain the ballast. (We accept ballasts but they go over to the Non-Ferrous Warehouse.)

Batteries must be whole, free from defect and must have caps in place.

WE DO NOT ACCEPT:  Christmas lights, tires, fluids, cylinders which contain any kind of gases, (propane, acetylene, etc.), or refrigerators / ac units containing freon. (Contact the office for more details).

VEHICLES: We are accepting vehicles, but these are the stipulations for those that haul, drag or pick them up by any means. This includes anyone that would haul in for someone else. You haul it, you are responsible for it.   ****WE DO NOT ACCEPT ELECTRIC OR HYBRID VEHICLES OR THE BATTERIES****


1) The title is required for any vehicle that is 11 years or newer unless it is brought in and paid directly to a business.
Anything 12 years or older, the VIN is required for vehicle pricing.
2) Vehicles cannot be stuffed with any material other than the parts that come from it. If the bumper comes off, then you can throw it in the car. (No loose or spare tires)
3) In order to be paid for vehicle price, the vehicle must have the motor and transmission. Otherwise it will be paid at Shredder (light iron) price.
4) We do not take loose tires. If they’re off the vehicle then we do not take them. If they’re still ATTACHED to the vehicle, then we can take them.
5) All gas tanks must be drained and dried with a basketball (or bigger than a fist) size hole on the bottom of it, or removed, cut in half and thrown back in the vehicle BEFORE you arrive.  This cannot be done on or near the property.
As of 4/1/2024: We no longer accept vehicles driven to the yard.